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Search HumanMine. Enter names, identifiers or keywords for genes, proteins, pathways, ontology terms, authors, etc. (e.g. eve, PPARG_HUMAN, glycolysis, ACTN2).


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HumanMine integrates many types of data for Homo sapiens and Mus musculus. You can run flexible queries, export results and analyse lists of data.

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HumanMine loads Gene models and sequence from the NCBI. We load additional Gene information from several other sources. Read more


  • GO term    Genes
  • Gene  代理http  GO terms.
  • Gene    Chromosomal location.
  • Chromosomal Location    All Genes + Transcripts + Exons
  • Region    Genes
  • Gene + GO term    Genes by GO term
  • Gene  墙翻代理网址  Overlapping genes.
  • Gene -> Protein + protein sequence

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HumanMine loads Protein annotation and sequence from UniProt and domain information from InterPro. We cross-reference protein information from many additional sources. Read more

Query for proteins:

  • Gene A  代理http  Interaction <-- Gene B
  • Gene    Proteins.
  • Gene    Protein tissue Localisation
  • Protein    Protein Complex
  • Protein    Interactions
  • Gene    protein complex
  • Protein  代理http  Sequence
  • Protein Domain    Protein and Genes


HumanMine loads SNP data from the GWAS catalogue. Read more

Query for snps:

  • SNP    GWAS Hits
  • Gene Report  代理http  GWAS hit

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HumanMine loads Disease to Gene mappings from OMIM. Read more

Query for diseases:

  • Gene  代理http  Disease (OMIM)
  • Disease    Gene(s)
  • Gene    Disease + HPO annotations (Human Phenotype Ontology
  • Disease Expression    Genes
  • Gene    Alleles and Disease (clinVar data)
  • Gene (Hum OR Rat)  代理http  Mouse Allele (Phenotype)
  • Mouse Gene  墙翻代理网址  Allele [Phenotype]
  • Human Disease    Human Gene + Orthologue Gene(s)

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HumanMine loads Pathway annotations from KEGG and Reactome and Gene Ontology (GO) annotations from MGI and UniProt. Read more

Query for function:

  • GO term    Genes
  • Gene    GO terms.
  • Tissue    Gene Expression (Array Express)
  • Gene    Gene Expression (Tissue, Disease; Array Express, E-MTAB-62)
  • Pathway  代理http  Genes
  • Gene  墙翻代理网址  Disease + HPO annotations (Human Phenotype Ontology
  • Gene + GO term    Genes by GO term
  • Gene A    Pathways <-- Gene B

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HumanMine loads Interactions from IntAct and BioGRID. Read more

Query for interactions:

  • Gene  代理http  Interactions
  • Gene A  代理http  Interaction <-- Gene B
  • Gene + Tissue Expression    Interactors that are expressed in that tissue
  • Protein    Protein Complex
  • Gene + Pathway  代理http  Interactions
  • Protein    Interactions
  • Gene    protein complex
  • Gene    Physical and Genetic Interactions

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HumanMine loads homologue predictions from Panther. 代理http

Query for homology:

  • Gene  代理http  Orthologues
  • Gene (Hum OR Rat)    Mouse Allele (Phenotype)

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Perl, Python, Ruby and Java API

perl java python ruby

Access our HumanMine data via our Application Programming Interface (API) too! We provide client libraries in the following languages:

  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java

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